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Your Associate Chiropractor, Grant Jan Bierling BSc DC

Grant Jan Bierling BSc DC Registered Chiropractor graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (Bournemouth) in 1996. Grant specialises in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) a comprehensive technique which uses body indicators to help determine skeletal, cranial & neurological malfunctions. Grant combines SOT with neurological & orthopaedic tests to aid his diagnosis & treatment of pain.

Following 4 years working in a Sports Chiropractic Clinic in Winchester, Grant has incorporated his other specialist interest in analysing the biomechanics of the feet & jaw. Great care is given to readdress any imbalances between these areas as normal function is essential to optimise muscle & skeletal function.

Poor foot biomechanics can be the cause of ankle, knee, hip, or back related pain. A drop in the arch (pes planus) causes a rotational stress on the knees, which is transferred into the hips & pelvis. This is equally true of cranial & jaw problems often caused by trauma - difficult births (forceps), physical injuries (a blow to the jaw, whiplash), orthodontics, loss of teeth. The jaw, & bite in particular, should be symmetrical in movement. Any distortion will affect the cranium, muscle balance & normal spine mechanics, including pelvic stability - all affecting how you carry yourself posturally.

It is therefore essential when assessing your neck, back or pelvic related complaint to analyse the posture of your feet alongside cranial motion to determine any effect this has on the rest of your structure. Observing the way you stand can reveal a great deal. Is your structure holding you correctly or incorrectly?

Muscle testing gives us invaluable information as to whether a joint is functioning properly, & more importantly if the problem has been corrected.

Our aim is to help you understand cause & effect, with a way forward to prevent recurrence. With this knowledge comes a more functional life, greater strength and a greater ability to undertake those activities that you may have thought impossible to achieve.