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Massage at The Complete Health Chiropractic Clinic in Salisbury

Massage has been used for centuries to aid recovery from illness, impart relaxation and a sense of well-being, it improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow as well as removing toxins from the body.

Massage & Complementary Therapy with Simone Haseley

Simone chose to study Reflexology & Massage as a Complementary Therapist to assist people with relaxation, providing a way to help deal with the stresses & strains on the body & mind. She is continuing this by enhancing her knowledge with Aromatherapy, which incorporates a slightly different style of massage enabling the essential oils to assist in the psychological & physical well-being tailored to the individual.


Working in this way allows Simone to assist patients who need a slightly softer treatment, whilst still being able to assist in their recovery and continued well-being in a form that is familiar.


This ancient holistic treatment stimulates points on the feet corresponding to parts of the body through the sensory nervous system.  When pressure is applied to these areas, it stimulates the movement of energy through nerve channels to the internal organs & glands restoring balance to the whole body.

Remedial Massage
On a deeper level remedial massage provides treatment of long standing muscle related problems.  It provides an excellent supportive role to chiropractic treatment, notably with pain disorders, improving recovery time and enabling maximum repair.

Sports Massage
Sports massage helps break up fibrosis enabling stretching, lengthening & releasing deep seated muscular tension.  It improve mental preparation for sporting events and aids training. Used pre, during, or post competition it reduces the likelihood of injury and enhances performance.

Hot Stone Massage
This technique uses the application of heated iron rich basalt volcanic stones to muscles and trigger points around the body as a therapeutic treatment.  It provides deep stimulation using a broader, more comfortable contact to relieve muscular tension & provide a deeper sense of relaxation.