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In Line With The General Chiropractic Council, Covid Update 1st June 2022:



With the lifting of Covid-specific IPC rules in England and Wales on 1st June 2022, General Chiropractic Registrants now follow national IPC guidance and undertake the appropriate risk assessments to ensure the safety of patients whom, in some cases, may still require personal protection equipment (PPE) to be deployed..."

This means we are maintaining handwashing for all patients & staff coming into the clinic. 

We continue to fully clean benches, face pads, & equipment at the end of every treatment.

If a patient is feeling vulnerable, or they have an underlying health condition, they will most likely want or need to continue wearing facemasks with close personal contact i.e treatments whether chiropractic or massage. In line with this risk assessment & patient welfare choice we as practitioners & therapists will wear facemasks for those patients when they enter the clinic or therapy room. Surgical & clean re-useable facemasks will still be freely available for all public entering the clinic.


If you still have any questions or concerns please ask us & we will be happy to help.