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     **** UPDATE 06/01/21.  We are relieved to say we remain open for                    Chiropractic care after conferring with our Chiropractic Governing bodies              in light of the governments announcement on Monday.   Chiropractic care is        covered under the umbrella of medical appointments, and thus is an                      acceptable reason to leave home so you can continue your care if you wish to      do so.  ****

  There are exceptions to this rule. If you fall into a vulnerable category, other than age, or    have been medically advised to shield once more. It doesn't necessarily mean we cannot    treat you; we do however need to talk over the phone first in order to assess each              person individually to ensure your safety. If you or your household develop any            Covid related symptoms you must not come into the clinic - high temperature,    a new and persistent cough, any changes in normal taste or smell. If in doubt      please do telephone or email us.

  We are also able to accept new patients for Chiropractic Care.  Unfortunately      in line with Government guidelines we are currently unable to offer Massage        or Reflexology.

How The Complete Health Chiropractic Clinic is reducing the risk of infection:

   - We are regularly cleaning and disinfecting all ares of the Clinic.  Each treatment        room is properly disinfected before and after each patient.

   - All rooms are being aired regularly in between patients.

   - Chiropractors are wearing appropriate disposable safety masks and gloves for         all treatment.  Masks and gloves will also be made available to all patients.  All         PPE will be disposed of, safely, after use.

   - Social distancing measures are still in place.  We respectfully ask that only         the patient enter the Clinic for their appointment.  If the patient requires       a helper or chaperone then one extra person will be allowed to come in and will       be asked to observe the same hand washing and mask wearing measures as           the patient.

   - We ask patients to shower and wear clean clothing when attending for their           appointment.  Patients are requested to avoid wearing too much jewellery and         not to bring extra items such as shopping bags.  This is to reduce the                     contamination risk.

   - Chiropractors will avoid making physical contact with patients such as shaking         hands.  We will only make physical contact with a patient during treatment             when full protective equipment is worn.

   - Management is committed to sending all staff members and patients home             immediately if they show any symptoms typical of COVID-19.  If a patient               appears to be unwell - coughing, sweating, has a temperature, sore throat, a           loss of taste or smell we can refuse treatment.