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Nicola Douglas

Your Associate Chiropractor, Nicola Douglas MChiro MSc APP                                   
(paediatric musculoskeletal health)

Nicola has thrived within multi-disciplinary clinics for over a decade, developing a diverse range of clinical approaches whilst working alongside osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists since graduating from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2011.

A passion for paediatrics and helping women through the stresses and strains of pregnancy and childbirth has become a large part of her clinical practice. This has been cemented by her Master’s Degree in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health, enabling her to provide the gentlest of adjustments to produce the maximum effect. By combining her manual skills with her knowledge of exercise science and rehabilitation Nicola can also guide patients through a progressive exercise rehabilitation programme enhancing chiropractic care by maintaining strength and increasing flexibility for longer lasting results.

The strength of Nicola’s practice is partly down to the wide range of techniques employed. Whether it’s providing gentle chiropractic joint manipulation or mobilisations, acupuncture or gentle cranial releases using sacro-occipital technique (SOT), Nicola can help you achieve your health goals whatever your age. You may want to excel at your chosen sport, or simply be able to lift your grandchild once more or regain the flexibility to put your socks on (!) be assured Nicola has the skills and experience to help you.

Nicola lives in Salisbury with her husband Michael and young daughter, Edith. She loves to be outdoors whatever the weather (!) enjoying walking, running, cycling, weight lifting, CrossFit, surfing, paddle boarding and yoga. She is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and is proud to be a member of the United Chiropractic Association (UCA).